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Corporate Taxes are a devised by many countries to strengthen and widen the tax network for organizations and corporations. That is why it is named as Corporate Tax. Here are many discrepancies as certain states consider corporations and individuals at the same level. Therefore applying the same tax rules for calculations but it doesn’t happen everywhere.

If you want are working as an individual entity and want to save you from falling in the Corporate Tax category then do make a consultation call with us. We are financial experts with great understanding of country and specific state’s corporate and taxation laws. So we will provide you with authentic information and will let you go through the process of filing your tax returns in a method that beat suits your work, type of organization and has relevancy with the real facts of your business.

It happens with lots of clients whom we proved our services that they found an unfair calculation by CRA, due to following the same rules and not considering the individual cases. If here is a need then we have a group of best taxation lawyers who will fight your fair battle in courts. You will be given the best instruction if you consult our professional bookkeepers who have spent their lives in this field. So you can find a safe way among the harsh realities hat ate here for every businessman if you consult Stephen R Sefcik Professional Corp. Good luck for all your business ventures!!

Corporations are a part of separate legal entities. Before the fiscal year file or income corporate tax needs and void PENALTIES.Be a Canadian controlled private cooperation. And have eligibility of small business deductions. You get an ADDITIONAL MONTH to pay the balance of taxes at the rate of 35% claim federal researches and development credits.
Do you require a BN (Business Number)? If your company is engaged in commercial activities obtaining annual sales and revenues of GST/HST – taxable goods/services getting more than $30,000 you should register and charge HST/GST if you’re a smaller supplier, it’s not required to obtain a BN for GST.

All corporations need to file a T2 (Corporate Income Tax Return) even though if there is no tax payable. Tax – exempt, non profit or inactive corporations it’s mandatory.
Your Business Number is dealt with the government. Payroll deductions, Exporter/ Importer account number, Goods and Services tax, and corporate Income Tax BN encompasses one or more of their following accounts

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